Kerry playing the flüelhorn at a student jam session in Lier, Belgium.

I'm now retired from the US Air Force Bands and Music career field and would like to offer my experience to schools and bands around the world. Teaching is a passion of mine. I love talking about the trumpet, music, jazz, improvisation, and I enjoy helping students, educators, and student ensembles make "breakthroughs" in both individual and ensemble performance.

When I rehearse an ensemble, I become very animated. I dance and gesture. I sing. I play along with the band. The ensembles I have worked with are generally ready to perform their music. I work to bring out the nuances of the music. Dynamics. Articulation. Phrasing. All of the little things that make music more interesting to both performer and listener.

I'll also offer, as part of a clinic day, a session on jazz improvisation; otherwise known as "composing your own music on the fly". While I am well versed in music theory, I teach by "tidbit"; using melodic fragments as starting points for less experienced improvisers. Using those melodic fragments, I teach the student how to expand upon an idea. Soon, they are composing their own solos!

If you would like to schedule a clinic, please contact me!! I can't wait to work with you and your students!!

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